Rps205 Bargaining Agreement

“While Dr. Martell`s concern for the work and job security of our members is well placed,” she said, “she has no authority over her employment, her collective agreements with RPS 205 or labour law.” In the Rockford Education Association`s online collective bargaining agreement, there are two timelines for rps205.com. Appendix A is called the “Compensation Plan” and consists of 8 lanes and 20 steps representing salary at different levels of education and different years of service. Appendix B, computation Schedule for Illinois Teacher Retirement Syetem Purposes, contains the salary (A) of the payroll plan and the ITRS (C) contribution, which is multiplied by 9.4%. Teachers receive the salary (A); The contribution (C) is sent directly by the district to the national teacher pension system. The TRS (C) contribution is not subject to income tax. The TRS contribution is never given to teachers to contribute to the state plan; it is paid directly by the county to the state. Some teachers say that this contribution is part of their salary, and therefore teachers do not pay the county for their retirement. Let`s look at the contract and the law – you decide for yourself who will pay the 9.4% pension. I know it is the taxpayers, but let the exercise pass anyway. First, look at your paycheck.

Social Security and Medicare (C) contributions are removed from your exam as a percentage of your gross salary (A). The company pays half and you pay the other half of the dues (C). In the school district, the country pays half and the county half. There is no direct contribution from an exam received by teachers. Section 30 of the REA – Compensation – Section K: The Board of Directors absorbs 9.4% of the contribution of Illinois Retirement System (ITRS) officers, in accordance with Section 414 h of the 1986 Internal Revenue Code, as amended, and pays 9.4%. As of the 2007-08 school year, agents are not required to pay and are required by the Board of Directors to pay the payment amount at 5-ILCS-375/6.6. TRS`s health contribution of 84% of the STR`s health contribution, which, according to 5-ILCS-375/6.6, is not necessarily evidence per se, even if the text of the contract refers to state law, which states that the board would keep the employees unscathed, that is, they would have to pay, it is not the district – I know that statement was written into the contract. Let`s look at state law for clarification. The definition of “salary” under national law: (40 ILCS 5/16-121) The actual remuneration received by a teacher during a school year and recognized by the system according to the rules of the board of directors.

The school regulations say nothing about the district`s very contributions as a teacher`s salary. 40 ILCS 5/16-152,The worker`s contribution required in this 1998 section is the responsibility of the teacher and not the teacher`s employer, unless the employer agrees, through collective bargaining or other means, to make the contribution on behalf of the teacher. This section, together with 40 ILCS 5/16-158, covers the total of 9.4% of the TRS contribution.