Usc Remote Work Agreement

While an officer must seriously consider complying with a reasonable duty to change schedules, he or she must also consider the impact of the change on staff and may reject the application in order to meet business requirements. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to refrain from changing the schedule; Managers should consult higher education guidelines for necessary housing (i.e., quiet accommodation, disabilities covered by the ADA). (Food workers who, in accordance with the governor`s executive order that came into effect on April 16, 2020, are eligible for additional paid sick leave, continue to receive additional paid sick leave, but will not receive overtime with the passage of this new law.) For employees who are covered by the definition of high-risk population and who wish to apply for housing, USC will follow public health recommendations and work to ensure that temporary housing is made available to them where possible. Alternative work schedules are specific hours that apply to certain non-exempt employees. these procedures require a formal approval procedure and are subject to a statutory or union contract. Contact your HR partner if you make temporary or permanent schedule changes. See also the policy of wages and hours. While not necessary, we strongly encourage employees working from home to receive a flu shot. However, if employees are working on site by the spring semester of 2021, they must provide documentation on influenza vaccination. With Project Restart, academic and administrative units are developing plans to bring staff and students back to campus. These plans are consistent with current city, county, state, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S.

Department of Education guidelines to ensure safe employment for our community. Employees and superiors returning to work on campus should visit COVID 19`s Resources page on Employee Gateway to view the corresponding return to work, the staff accountability matrix, information on necessary health, hygiene and safety training, and information on the flu requirement (see also on the FAQ page – scroll down the Flu Vaccines section). Example – part-time employment that has worked for USC for at least 6 months: the example below calculates the number of additional sick hours paid for part-time work with a variable schedule in the last six months; The number is determined on the basis of the total number of days during the 6-month period, and not just on the number of working days – 182 days in total (26 weeks): please note that the paid winter break policy is a staff work policy that does not apply to resource collaborators, employees per day , students (including teaching and research assistants), university staff and faculty. For faculty and scientific staff in most licensing programs, the teaching break will be from November 25, 2020 to January 10, 2021, without reducing compensation, with the usual expectations for scoring, course preparation, research and service. When a worker signs coVID-19 in the course of a work function, the worker may present a right to compensation that follows the standard claim decision process. Access the workers` claim form.