Airplane Security Agreement

This Aviation Safety Agreement of October 19, 2009 is not taken in its individual capacity by and between AMERICAN AIRLINES, INC., a Delaware company (with its successors and authorized beneficiaries, the “Company”), the U.S. BANK TRUST NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, a national banking association, except as expressly stated herein, but only as a security guard below (with his eligible successors in that entity). The Committee on Agriculture, Research and Research Policy and the Security Agent) and U.S. Federal law provides that parties have sixty days to file with the FAA actual documents relating to potential international interest (e.g. B sales contracts, security agreements or leases). If the parties do not make such a submission during this period, the Transport Code provides that the interest is no longer valid (i.e. perfected). The treaty creates new laws on the primacy of rights of pledge or rights over an aircraft object. Currently, priority rules in the United States are governed by the laws of the states, with the exception of the Transportation Code.