Bsc Membership Agreement

But even the attorney general said her office had not been able to get “a direct response” from the company, as members could resign. BSC`s commitment is the result of a letter of credence sent last week by the AG`s office to Town Sports International Holdings Inc., BSC`s parent company. The letter states that BSC deceived its members about their right to terminate their membership and continued to incriminate members who attempted to resign, which violated Massachusetts consumer protection laws. Updated on 16/02/2020: Boston Sports Clubs took more money from my bank account than I gave permission. The sauna was the most important part of my membership until young men started using phones there (under the inscription “No phone use”). I initially ignored, but I noticed one evening that photos had been taken by one of the young members. I only had a towel over my shoulder. Out of fear, I immediately went to the staff and asked that they ask him to leave the sauna and order him not to use it again in the changing rooms. To my surprise, the manager refused my request. Employees refused to do either of these two things, explaining that “we can`t take action.” Incredulous, I finished my adhesion on this and there. Photos in the sauna – disgusting!! If they paid staff, I would like to continue paying my family.

But BSC has recently laid off tons of people. A sign at the Canton Boston Sports Club indicates that memberships are automatically transferred to a nearby gym.