Clothing Design Agreement

Below you will find details about how our custom design process works and to process your custom creation and begin production, I need you to understand, accept and unorder this: “DesignCrowd Site” means or any other replacement website associated with the DesignCrowd service; 4.1 The Designer is not entitled to bear, on behalf of the Company, expenses that have not been approved by the Company and is responsible for all expenses incurred during the provision of the Services, unless prior written permission of the Company. 4.2 From the third phase, the company is responsible for all expenses incurred. The designer is not responsible for the costs incurred by this contract. 2.1 During the term of this Agreement, the Designer shall make available to the Company a collection comprising at least three (3) designs, i.e. a maximum of seven (7) designs, using exclusively the online materials made available by the Company on the Website as the “Design Tools Kit”, as described in Part 1 of the Annex (the “Services”). 2.2 The designer guarantees that he has the qualifications and the ability to properly realize the collection (services). 2.3 The Company will work with the final work of the Designer as described in The Annex, Part 3, and will respect the Work of the Designer as a separate brand in collaboration with By Maria. 2.4 The designer reserves the copyright in his work at all times. However, the designer may not use any type of logo or name “By Maria” to promote his own designs outside the company`s channels. .