College Roommate Agreement Ideas

They have learned to share since kindergarten, but there will still be people who are not good at going to university. In some dorms, especially those for first-year students, you may not have to worry as much. You could do a “It`s my side, this is your side” thing in your dorm and nothing. On the other hand, you might have a mini-fridge or microwave, or maybe you`re cool with sharing your clothes and want your Roomie to know about it. Or maybe you don`t agree that someone should touch your stuff; It doesn`t matter, but you want to get these things out of the door as soon as possible. However, the key is to be honest and open during the contract process. Shaye tells his story: “As a transfer who lived in the dormitories during my first year, I had to make a contract with my roommate. We chatted and I told her all my thoughts, but in return, she wasn`t too honest with me,” Shaye says. She really hated the boys in the room and always felt uncomfortable when I brought friends back. She also liked to go to bed early, but when we made the contract, she liked to leave the lights on late. It made us hate each other. It`s really important to be honest, so you can make sure you make one another happy. » Roommate policy for residents (i.e. if it is normal to ask the other roommate to leave): ______ Use the areas provided here to set predefined periods where there is no more than a minimum of noise allowed.

Enter the daily start time of this period in the first empty lines, then mark the field called “AM” or “PM” Use the second set of lines to record the end of this daily study period, then activate one of the boxes to find out if it is morning (“AM”) or afternoon/evening (“PM”). Then check one of the boxes under the words “The Mentioned Study Times” to indicate whether this includes weekends (first check box) or not weekends (second check box). The next paragraph, which requires attention, is marked “sleep time”. This paragraph deals with what roommates agree if these would be quiet and guest periods, so that any roommate wishing to sleep during this period can do so without hindrance. Use both lines to document the start time of this period and the date of its end. Be sure to indicate if each time there is a AM or PM by activating the corresponding control box. Then, check the first box under this paragraph if the above period covers sleep weekends or the second box if it does not contain the weekend. In most roommate situations, each roommate may have access to another roommate`s belongings. .