Electronic Signature Agreement Mdhhs

2020 PA 246, 247, 248 and 249 allow remote devices, certification, visiting, and electronic signatures in Michigan. This legislation allows for electronic signatures and remote testimony, certification and visiting under the conditions set out in Governor Whitmer`s executive orders, now invalidated. See in the certified questions of the United States Dist Court, Western District of Michigan, Southern Division, No. 161492, ___ Mich ____, ___ NW2d ____ (October 2, 2020). This legislation has been extended and applies to all documents exported on April 30, 2020 and before July 1, 2021 to 2020 PAs 335, 336, 337 and 338. Here are the highlights: signatures. Strict compliance with the Electronic Transactions Act uniform and the Real Property Electronic Recording Act uniform is suspended to allow the use of an electronic signature for a transaction if a signature is required under Michigan law (unless the law explicitly requires a physical signature). By testifying. 2020 PA 246 includes remote signing and testimonial of the following documents (a non-exclusive list): Visitation. 2020 PA 246 adds a new section MCL 700.5108a that allows a tutor, guardian ad litem or visitor to meet any requirement regarding a visit with a person under the law using with the person two-sided real-time audiovisual technology. However, this Section shall apply only until 31 December 2020. .

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