Scripture Agreement Prayer

3. Now I`ll leave you a little secret. This little secret is for all pastors and for all those who want to learn how to become a powerful prayer warrior on their way with the Lord. . Very often, believers ask others to “agree with them in prayer” for someone`s physical healing. Let`s look at the scriptures to see if such an approach is strongly supported in cases of physical healing in the New Testament. If not, what approach does the New Testament strongly support? That is why every Christian Church, founded on the Bible, filled with ghosts, should have intercessory prayer teams filled with powerful prayer warriors who know how to pray to God the Father with strength and efficiency. If God wants to associate you with other believers from time to time, it means that you need other good Christian friends, whom you can call at any time and ask them to pray in harmony and agreement with you. Many of you already have good prayer partners with whom you can do this. And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will resurrect him. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. This is not to say that an individual prayer to the Lord is not powerful and effective. Personally, I believe that God wants you to come to Him most of the time one for one, in your personal prayer life to Him.

2. Is it traditional in the New Testament that a fragile person was ever healed by this approach alone? Unfortunately, the answer is no. We do not find a specific case where the Lord healed someone by the mere “prayer of agreement” of two or more believers.